Artist News


Haridas Contemporary is delighted to announce representation of notable Singaporean artist, Jeremy Sharma (b. 1977).

Sharma works with painting, writing and moving images. He teaches at LASALLE College of the Arts and runs bulanjung, an experimental curatorial platform. 

Since returning to painting towards the end of the Covid pandemic after more than ten years of absence, Sharma has re-discovered a newfound urgency and intimacy in its representational form. His recent body of works addresses painting’s porosity to apprehend images from various sources (where digitality and screen captures have become ubiquitous), albeit belatedly, in a serial linen and stretcher format that delivers its subject from a mediated world.

Sharma received his BA (Fine Art) from the RMIT (2003) and an MA (Fine Art) from the Open University (2006). Career highlights include solo exhibitions and presentations ‘Recent Paintings’ with Haridas Contemporary (2024), ‘Spectrum Version 2.2’ with Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery (2017), ‘Orbiter and Sonata’ with Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin (2016), and ‘Apropos’ at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (2012); the Busan Biennale (2014) and the Singapore Biennale (2013).