We are delighted to share a discerning review of Jeremy Sharma’s recent solo exhibition in Artforum’s May 2024 Issue, Vol. 62, No.9. The exhibition ran from 13 Jan – 9 Feb 2024.

Review excerpt, “Even where the content of their imagery engages with history or politics, the paintings as an ensemble eschew taking any definite stance. They are not about catching a moment or halting time, or dissecting lives lived through social media, as with other painters using photography. Sharma does not seem to be concerned with fidelity to the photograph. What comes to the fore is touch or texture; and, reflecting on this, one realizes that even in Sharma’s video and sound works, there is always a palpable sense of surface.”

Full Article Link: https://www.artforum.com/events/sherman-sam-jeremy-sharma-haridas-contemporary-2024-553073/