Congratulations to Melissa Tan on unveiling her new public artwork, The Darkness which Reveals at the new Siglap MRT station, as part of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Art in Transit programme.

Also, congratulations to the other artists involved in the project including Bani Haykal (Tanjong Rhu Station), Sit Weng San & Tania De Rozario (Katong Park Sta.), Sim Chi Yin (Tanjong Katong Sta.), Ang Sookoon (Marine Parade Sta.), Moses Tan (Marine Terrace Sta.) and Bruce Quek (Bayshore Sta.)

Commuters will be able to enjoy the artworks of all mentioned artists when Stage 4 of TEL officially opens on 23 June.


|About the Artwork|

The origin of ‘Siglap’ may be traced to a 19th century solar eclipse that occurred in tandem with Tok Lasam’s arrival by ship under the cover of darkness. Siglap is derived from the Malay word, ‘Gelap’ which means darkness that conceals.

The Darkness which Reveals references the method in which the terrain of the moon is studied. In space the strength of light can help determine the distance of objects far away. This work utilized mapping data which shows the moon’s uneven surface and shadows. The metal perforations are transmuted from these shadows. Just as the moon reflects sunlight, the reflective metal mirrors this phenomenon, providing an illusion of iridescence.

Darkness is reconsidered, not as concealing, but as revealing information and fragmented stories of Tok Lasam’s arrival by sea.

Image Credit: Artist Melissa Tan with her work, The Darkness Which Reveals, at Siglap station. ST Photo: Kua Chee Siong


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