Oscar Xyh (b. 1999, Singapore) is a Singapore based artist known for his abstract Chinese ink paintings. Xyh’s relationship with Chinese ink painting is sudden and unexpected. He initially undertook the NAFA Diploma with the intention of exploring Western painting. However, after being introduced to Chinese ink, he found his attraction towards the medium’s complexity.

Lyle Buencamino (b. 1978, Philippines) is a painter from Metro Manila, Philippines. He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. His works usually involve using readily available images from the internet and printed media to explore notions of originality and authorship. He ties together seemingly unrelated images to re-contextualise them into different thematic narratives.

John Marie Andrada (b. 2001, Philippines) is an artist based in Singapore. Growing up and taking root in a foreign country, she explores notions of identity, memory and time mainly through photography, ink and image making. Keen on working with various mediums and applying different techniques, she approaches art-making with an open, critical and inquisitive mind.

Gerald Tay (b. 1992, Singapore) art practice comprises primarily of drawing and painting. He uses figurative subject matter as a point of departure to explore the motif of the mask and the act of being masked.