Lyle Buencamino

Lyle Buencamino (b. 1978, Philippines) is a painter from Metro Manila, Philippines. He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. His works usually involve using readily available images from the internet and printed media to explore notions of originality and authorship. He ties together seemingly unrelated images to re-contextualise them into different thematic narratives.

Among his more lauded works are the paintings from the series “No Fighting in the Museum” that he began working on from 2009 and has since finished in 2022. These works had started as a project with the Lopez Memorial Museum, in Manila that involved painting images from their archives acquired from the now defunct LVN Pictures. The set is a kind of caricature of violence meant to allude to the sense of propriety and decorum in a museum. He has exhibited in The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. He currently resides in Singapore.